Story Part One

On November 30th, 4256, Zadron leaves Earth seconds before it mysteriously vanishes. On Chaotix at that time, Lordron, the emperor, sensed an evil presence was becoming stronger and stronger at the tower of reincarnation. Lordron knew that this would happen soon so he was prepared because a maze protected all of Lordriss's an Lordrick's secrets. Several days later the sky grows dark and the beam of light protruding from the tower of reincarnation turns black. An hour later, everything returns to normal.

"What a relief," says a beggar.

"I believe that that is just one sign of the beginning of the end." Lordron announces.

That night. Lordron has a dark and twisted vision of the future that has something to do with the evil presence and the tower. A dark mist comes out of the tower and goes into Emperor Herobrine's head and takes control. He then orders his army to terminate one of thirteen great empires, Zardonica, while he, himself, assassinates Emperor Zardon and causes a great war that will be later known as the Herobrine Wars. Herobrine uses a spell several days later to duplicate himself so that each clone has its own elemental powers and created a side effect. The side effect create the ring of ZSX.

Suddenly, Emperor Darth sends a telepathic transmission to Lordron.