About ZSX


ZSX was a form of government on Chaotix that was designed to rule an infinite amount of land without having to deal with rebels that will constantly try to take over occupied territory. To find the true meaning of ZSX and its origin, find Z, S, X, the four paths, and uncover the password.













    There are 13 emperors and each is a protector of one of 13 legendary rings of existence. Those rings are legends, creation, anger, death, speed, punisher, teleportation, will, gravity, illusion, chaos, destruction, and stealth. Each and every one of these rings holds a special power. When Each emperor rules over one empire and four chosen kings. They use diamond thrones to symbolize people that the person sitting on it is an emperor. It is a great dishonor to the Order Of ZSX for some one who does not belong on the throne to sit on it or to even touch it. When somebody who doesn't belong on the throne sits on it, stands on it, or touches it then it shows everybody that the person touching it is a terrorist.

    • Ring Of Legends

    • This ring gives its user the power to summon boss mobs, gods, dragons, and other living and ancient minecraft legends. The original holder of this ring is Zadron.

    • Ring Of Creation

    • This ring gives its user the power to access a gods inventory(creative inventory)and to duplicate anything that has been scanned by the ring. The original holder of this ring was Philip.

    • Ring Of Anger

    • Ring Of Death

    • Ring Of Speed

    • Ring Of Punisher

    • Ring Of Teleportation

    • Ring Of Will

    • Ring Of Gravity

    • Ring Of Illusion

    • Ring Of Chaos
    • Ring Of Destruction

    • Ring of Stealth

    • Ring Of ZSX

    • Ring Of Lordron

    • Ring Of Existence

    • This ring gives its user the power of space time, all 13 rings, and the power to control the 12th dimension. The original holder of this ring was Zadron.

    Emperor 1

    The holder of the ring of legends.

    1. Lordron
    2. Zadron

    Emperor 2

    The holder of the ring of creation.

    1. Z
    2. Philip

    Emperor 3

    The holder of the ring of anger.

    Emperor 4

    The holder of the ring of death.

    1. Voron
    2. Darien

    Emperor 5

    The holder of the ring of speed.

    1. S
    2. Andrew Matlack

    Emperor 6

    The holder of the ring of punisher.

    1. Zardon
    2. Sean Reed

    Emperor 7

    The holder of the ring of teleportation.

    1. X
    2. Daniel Draney

    Emperor 8

    Emperor 9

    Emperor 10

    Emperor 11

    Emperor 12

    1. Herobrine
    2. Blaze

    Emperor 13

    1. Ender
    2. Flashtate


    There are 4 kings for each empire, earth, water, air, and fire. Each king has his/her own kingdom to rule over and the only person who can command a king is the king's emperor. Kings use gold thrones because gold. All kings are limited by the materials that is given to them by their emperor, given to them through trade, or the materials that are found within their kingdom. The earth kingdom is on the ground or underground of the overworld. The water kingdom is underwater. The air kingdom is floating in the sky without touching the ground and the only way to get up there is with a waterfall. The fire kingdom is in the Nether. There are 52 kings total in the Order Of ZSX.


    An heir to the throne can sit on the throne with their superior's permission.

    • Heir To The Emperor

    • Takes place on emperor's throne on the emperor's death. If the emperor does not have an heir to the throne then the wearer of the ring of legends determines who shall take place on the throne.

    • Heir To The King

    • Takes place on king's throne on the king's death. If the king does not have an heir to the throne then the one who murdered the king can declare the throne but if the criminal refuses then the kingdom will cease to exist.

    • Heir To The Jarl

    • Takes place on jarl's throne on the jarl's death. If the jarl does not have an heir to the throne then elections will be held to determine the next jarl.


    Only an emperor or king can command a conqueror. A conqueror's job is to conquer and expand land for her/his emperor. Conqueror's can be a jarl of a city or a king of a kingdom until the emperor or emperor's king buys the land. A conqueror that has conquered land receives honor and a conqueror that conquers lands of legend are greatly honored but a conqueror who conquers no land or conquers land from another emperor or king is greatly dishonored. The main role of a conqueror is to compete against other conquerors for honor. If a conqueror sells the land then all honor that is received from the land is lost and that is why conqueror's always overcharge land that they have taken.


    These are people who train soldiers and lead them into war. Only the emperor, king, or conqueror can command them. To become one, a soldier must reach through the highest military rankings and must have approval from his/her commander.


    Can only be commanded by the emperor or king. Warriors are people who fight for their gods, honor, and glory. There are different warrior classes and each class has its own beliefs, ways of life, and specialties. Some warrior classes are divided int clans depending on the personalities of the warrior.

    • Legionier

    • These warriors are known to wear gold or diamond armor and wield enchanted bows. These warriors are trained to stay in one spot when attacking but when the enemy gets too close then they use ender pearls to teleport to another place so the warrior can continue shooting its arrows. If attacked they never retreat unless told so by their emperor or king but if they do retreat without being told to, then the coward that did so shall be sacrificed by the emperor, king, or other legioniers.


      Their god is the wither. These usually attack other bases and they summon withers when things get out of hand.


      These guard bases when under attack and summon iron golems when things get out of hand. Their god is the ender dragon.

    • Adventurer

    • These are warriors that are always up for adventure. Whenever there is a dangerous, mysterious, or unexplored structure or area that causes problems and disputes within an empire or kingdom then it is an adventurer's job to fix the problem.

      Dungeon Clan

      The god is Darthon and warriors in this clan loves to explore dungeons and has great combat capabilities. For the ones who are always on the alert and are always prepared for battles. If you can easily overcome your fear then this is the clan for you.

      Traveler clan

      The god is The Rider and warriors in this clan loves to travel a lot and has great endurance. For the ones who are willing to do whatever it takes to survive in isolation. If you are the kind of person who has a great will to survive then this is the clan for you.

    • Knight

    • These are wariors who normally wear iron or chain mail armor and carries a an iron sword with them. They commonly make oaths to their swords and a knight who breaks an oath is nothing but a dishonored poser.


      This knight clan like to use light armor and weaponry and normally fight on foot.


      This knight clan usually uses heavy armor and weaponry and normally fight while riding an animal such as a pig, horse, dragon, etc.

    • Asassin

    • These are warriors that are skilled at stealth and killing without a sound or warning.


      These are asassins that steals the souls of his/her victims and delivers them to the Bloodric god, Vortex.



    These are warriors who use magic and wears enchanted leather armor and magic.


    These people vow to protect their item, person, place, or structure. If a guard ever fails to protect their objective then they will either be put on probation, get fired, or will be banished from the empire. can only be commanded by their master.


    These are people who will go to a military boot camp, where they will be trained, and will be given a free place to sleep in the barracks.

    Military Ranks

    (1 being the lowest)
    1. Rookie
    2. Private
    3. Corporal
    4. Warrant Officer
    5. Sergent


    A jarl is when a citizen that has a lot of money builds acity and become the owner of the city.


    Citizens who make a lot of money from their jobs and does whatever it takes to make money.


    A person who joins ZSX and lives a life on minecraft.


    Citizens who live in a civilized area.


    People who live a normal minecraft life outside of all cities, kingdoms, and empires.


    ZSX Name Minecraft Name Xbox Name Playstation Name Rank Class Position
    Zadron ZadronZSX Zadron13 None Emperor 1 Head Master
    Philip PhilTheThrill Dr.PepperGood None Emperor 2 Stratigizer
    Dominique None xxxnicoproxxxx None Emperor 3 None
    Darien TheManlyMan1st tnl247 bullseye_64769 Emperor 4 Advertiser
    Andrew Matlack Matlacka None None Emperor 5 None
    Sean Read None None None Emperor 6 The Punisher
    Daniel Draney None Draney13 None Emperor 7 None

    How ZSX got on Chaotix

    Some say that Zadron created ZSX but no he didn't, although he did give it its name, enhanced it, gave it the power to take control of existence, provided the 13 rings of ZSX, gave it advanced technology and great knowledge. ZSX was originally called The Order Of Lordron and was founded by Lordron on Chaotix in November 2, ####. After Lordron died, Zadron gave each emperor one of the 13 rings of ZSX and passed a law, saying that each emperor must take an oath to guard their ring with their lives and if the emperor loses the ring then it is the right of the people to slay the emperor until the heir takes place on the throne or when the ring is found. If the emperor returns and has not broke the oath to protect the ring or has found it, then it is the emperor's right to claim his/her place on the throne.